Elementary Math I, II

These courses were designed to stimulate enthusiasm for Mathematics, to introduce important mathematical concepts and to lay a solid foundation for future success. The goal of these classes is to encourage interest and confidence in mathematics through interactive lectures and solving worthwhile problems. Beginning problem solvers was exposed to basic concepts and skills for math competition. It help students to develop an interest in mathematics through fun filled lectures and problem-solving activities.

Elementary Math I syllabus

Elementary Math II syllabus

Middle School Math I, II, and III

These courses were designed to teach creative strategies for problem solving, to strengthen mathematical intuition and to foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity. We will cover intermediate level concepts and skills in algebra, number theory, counting and probability, geometry, etc. The class introduces various methods to develop mathematical flexibility in solving problems and provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges at the same time.

Middle School Math I syllabus

Middle School Math II syllabus

Middle School Math III syllabus

High School Math I, II, III

High School Math I is continuation of previous geometry lectures in middle school level, with more comprehensive coverage of all topics in Geometry. This course was build heavily on Algebra I, which is required for taking the Geometry classes. High School Math II is for Algebra II math with Trigonometry. High School Math III is for Comprehensive level, targeting AMC 10, 12.

High School Math I (Geometry) syllabus

High School Math II (Algebra II) syllabus

High School Math III (AMC 10/12) syllabus